The Hanged Man

by Pissed On

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The Hanged Man is property of Pissed On and Advocate Records


released March 3, 2017

Written by Pissed On
Recorded and Mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Artwork by Soran Haxan

Pissed On would like to thank the following:
Bryan Puckett, Errick Easterday, JSK, Hunter Winstead and Jordan Groves, Andy Nelson, Chris Luedtke, Curtis Dewar, Bryan Prosser, Lake Lake Lake Tracy, Falter, and Wvrm



all rights reserved


Pissed On Louisville, Kentucky


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Track Name: Dear Reader
What gives your life purpose? What gives you fulfilment?
Do all we have in this life is just the stillness of death? We are nothing but remorse and regret; we are nothing but bags of bone and flesh.

But how can I comprehend such a bleak existence?
Track Name: Enter the Void
Do you not see the shimmering vacuity of the human experience?
Do you not see the disparaging lucidity of the human enigma?
Enter the fucking void.
Track Name: Zoetic Disgrace
Chaos reigns, pain ensues, depression sets in but it's overdue. The world is cold, the world is bleak, the world has no purpose for me.

I've been dying since the day I was born, one step closer to the fucking tomb. We're all dead from the moment we're born, closer to what we perceive as our doom.

Destitute, vapid souls, lingering morality; we are dead, we are dead. Is this heaven or is this hell?

Fuck you all, fuck this place. Anger rises, zoetic disgrace.
Track Name: Shriveled Minds
To live is to suffer and to suffer is to understand. Searching for meaning is meaningless. There's no controlling of unconscious feelings, reprised hopes masked in faith, concealing.
Death come quick.
Born on religion, and false moral standards
Raised up on dreams of achievement and power.
No darkness shrivels the mind,
In the end nothingness is divine.
We are nothing.
We are nothing.
We are nothing.
Track Name: The Hanged Man
So why prolong the inevitable? If I'm going to die, let me die. Duality, equivocal, what's a reason to stay alive? And I leave here my manifesto, my digusted view of the world. And I leave this suicide note, so you can learn from what I've told:

Love is useless, and hate is divine.
Faith is pointless, with no gods design.
Emotion is a fucking disease. We are despots of what we perceive.

Let the world burn, let it crumble and fall like our useless bodies and our trifling demise.

Embrace your hate, embrace evil, embrace death.
Embrace your fate, accept defeat, there is nothing left.

Nothing left for me.